zondag 7 december 2014

IBM ideas for a creative meeting

In the NY Times article "Hearing Every Voice in the Room: How IBM Brings Ideas Forward From Its Teams" the general manager of IBM Design tells how his department deals with brainstorming sessions. Their method is designed to give everyone a say and not just the loudest. At the start of the meeting the leader presents a challenge. Then everyone starts to write his ideas on sticky notes. After about 10 minutes they start posting them on a board. One idea per note. No talking allowed. When the flow of ideas has (almost) stopped the leader groups the notes by subject and everyone has a look at them. Then there is a break that may last minutes or days. When people come back there is once again an opportunity to add ideas to the board. Only then starts the real discussion. The idea behind this process is that once ideas are out in the open visible to everyone they can no longer be easily ignored.

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