zondag 12 juli 2015

Münchhausen by Proxy revisited

In the article The New Child Abuse Panic a parent (and law professor) discusses the high number of parents who are accused of “medical child abuse” in the US. She estimates it at 1600. This is a new and increasingly popular accusation against parents in the US. This is a popular broadening of the older accusation of "Münchhausen by Proxy". The author notes that many parents get this accusation when they don't agree with some medical specialist and seek help elsewhere. Specially parents with chronically ill children where the cause is not clear and who may have some rare genital defect get accused of this crime. The author notes that many of the parents who have been accused of "Münchhausen by Proxy" were later found to be innocent - their child having a real illness. As a consequence quite a few parents have lost custody.

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